UConn Home Health Education


Health Education provides several wellness programs and events throughout the year. Examples are:

  • Oral Health Awareness
  • Sleep Awareness, including our new Bedhead Program
  • Spring Break Taboos

Please check the calendar for more events.

Other resources available for Wellness are:

  • Nutrition
    Please visit the nutrition web site http://nutrition.uconn.edu/ or call the nutrition office at (860) 486-0771 with any questions. The nutrition office at Student Health Services offers Registered Dietitians, free Individual Nutrition Counseling, Group Presentations and Programs.
  • Recreation
    Please visit UConn's Department of Recreational Services web site http://recreation.uconn.edu/. Recreation Services offers services such as yoga, spinning, intramurals, and HuskyXcursions.
  • Smoking
    There are resources available to help you quit. Please follow the links below for more information.

For individual smoking cessation consultation, please contact Student Health Service's Primary Care at 486-2719 or stop by Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. to make an appointment. www.shs.uconn.edu

Facts about the cost of cigarettes
Packs Per Week $ each year (conservative price of $5 a pack) What you could buy...
1 $260 PlayStation2 game system and one game catridge
2 $520 17 half-hour massage sessions at Atlantis
3 $780 1 week Spring Break trip to Cancun, Mexico
4 $1040 Futon, Entertainment Center with TV, VCR, DVD-player, Sony home audio system
5 $1300 Dell Dimension 8200 Personal Desktop Computer with Pentium 4 processor 2.0GHz w/ 400MHz system bus & 512K L2 Cache. Windows XP, Microsoft Works Suite 2002, Premium Audio, and a 3 year Warranty plus 3 years at-home-service, with a Lexmark X73 multifunction print center and S&H (translation- one of the better home PC's on Dell.com)
6 $1560 Approximate average auto insurance for one year of a typical UConn student
7 (1 pack/day) $1820 Hartford to Paris roundtrip airfare, one week Paris hotel, one week standard Parisian car rental
14 $3640 1 semester room & board at UConn
17.5 - 21 (2.5 - 3 packs/day) $4550 - $5460 1 full year UConn in-state tuition, books
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