UConn Home Health Education


Health Education provides several wellness programs and events throughout the year. Examples are:

  • Oral Health Awareness
  • Sleep Awareness, including our new Bedhead Program
  • Spring Break Taboos

Please check the calendar for more events.

Other resources available for Wellness are:

  • Nutrition
    Please visit the nutrition web site www.nutrition.uconn.edu or call the nutrition office at 486-0771 with any questions. The nutrition office at Student Health Services offers Registered Dietitians, free Individual Nutrition Counseling, Group Presentations and Programs.
  • Recreation
    Please visit UConn's Department of Recreational Services web site web.uconn.edu/recreation. Recreation Services offers services such as yoga, spinning, intramurals, and HuskyXcursions.
  • Smoking There are resources available to help you quit. Please follow the links below for more information.
  • For individual smoking cessation consultation, please contact Student Health Service's Primary Care at 486-2719 or stop by Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. to make an appointment. www.shs.uconn.edu

Facts about the cost of cigarettes
Packs Per Week $ each year (conservative price of $5 a pack) What you could buy...
1 $260 PlayStation2 game system and one game catridge
2 $520 17 half-hour massage sessions at Atlantis
3 $780 1 week Spring Break trip to Cancun, Mexico
4 $1040 Futon, Entertainment Center with TV, VCR, DVD-player, Sony home audio system
5 $1300 Dell Dimension 8200 Personal Desktop Computer with Pentium 4 processor 2.0GHz w/ 400MHz system bus & 512K L2 Cache. Windows XP, Microsoft Works Suite 2002, Premium Audio, and a 3 year Warranty plus 3 years at-home-service, with a Lexmark X73 multifunction print center and S&H (translation- one of the better home PC's on Dell.com)
6 $1560 Approximate average auto insurance for one year of a typical UConn student
7 (1 pack/day) $1820 Hartford to Paris roundtrip airfare, one week Paris hotel, one week standard Parisian car rental
14 $3640 1 semester room & board at UConn
17.5 - 21 (2.5 - 3 packs/day) $4550 - $5460 1 full year UConn in-state tuition, books


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